Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

Dear friends, we have some new open volunteering offers. We need volunteers for translating, assisting with public relations,  fundraising, ecological program and art-projects. More information here.

Why does IZOLYATSIA need volunteers? – We are in constant search for fresh ideas, points of view, smart heads and good friends. That\'s why our doors are always opened for those, who want to help us with everyday work at our new projects for the city. Ok, to be true, we really need you make a company for our invited lecturers and photographers, making tours for visitors of our expositions, searching for nescessary information, creating structure of our library, registration for our events and much more interesting things.

Why do volunteers need IZOLYATSIA? – To have a glance behind curtains of creation and implementing cultural and social projects in front of unusual background of abandoned industrial object.  To reciev concrete knowledge and skills in art-menegement field via limited special educational program, which is hosted each month and involves diferent trainings and lections. To widen horizons in your own head and get to know new friends, inlcuding invited artists, visitors and IZOLYATSIA team members.


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