Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

IZOLYATSIA has met May 1st with Mayovka, which gathered more than 400 people.

Some of them came to take part in master classes with Ukrainian artists Masha Kulikovskaya, Hamlet Zinkovskiy, Roman Minin and create non-traditional May Day posters such as "Work! May! Wi-Fi!", "Work. May. Paradise" or "It's hard to be the first in May". Others decided to see the theatrical play, which had happened for the first time in the IZOLYATSIA space, to work with origami diagrams offered by IZOLAB, to participate in the pasta architecture workshops or just play the "Elephant" game. Exactly all of them came to spend the day in an atmosphere of creativity, to get a new holiday experience, once impregnated with ideology.

The lifebuoy with the inscription A ARTE SALVA ("Art as Salvation"), created by Brazilian artist Eduardo Srur became the symbol of this day and was featured on many IZOLYATSIA fans' photos on Facebook and Vkontakte. With great pleasure IZOLYATSIA reads your reviews and comments about this event

Thank you and all  staff. We had really fun time :) @_bhdn_

That was the great day! @osval6d

 I'm excited :) It's amazing that you have done for people!  @MaryTrofimova

Hundreds of wonderful people, amazing theater, cute origami, the bright orange circle and bees! @lemonification

I also enjoyed this day at ! :) @esurov

My lovely IZOLYATSIA, thank you for the unforgettable day! Victoria Fomenko

Amazing event! Rita Meleiro

We remember our own discoveries of the day like a small girl, who carefully paints with carmine and cobalt colors the "C Major" scale (as exactly these colors fit to her scale ideally) or a little boy who is waiting until 16:25 (because he wants to draw hour and minute hands on his origami clock and should wait 5 minutes more as at 16:20 clock hands merge into a single line), or a grandfather, who is working on stability of the pasta building while his grandchildren make it higher and higher... We still remember the general feeling of lightness, fun and impression that everything has happend was really good.

We were so glad to spend the day with you and we're waiting for you at the new IZOLYATSIA exhibition, which will be opened since May, 17th.


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