Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

On November, 10th at 13:00 IZOLYATSIA invites you to visit the premiere of the documentary “EURO 2012 in Donetsk".

In June the documentary about the EURO 2012 in Donetsk was made on the initiative of IZOLYATSIA. 

Several cameramen filmed the city during the football matches: people walking back and forth, flying birds, croaking frogs, moving buses and street musicians. The city was full of football and did not notice it at the same time. The film has no plot, and there is no desire to do a professional TV report that shows "the most important and interesting" things. The film does not say anything special, it just looks and listens.

Andrey Gorokhov will talk about the project before the film. 

The film was created by Yuriy Bereza, Kateryna Yakovlenko, Mikhail Glubokyi, Roman Yuhimchuk, Alexander Manukyans, Dima Sergeev, Andrey Gorohov. 

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