Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

With the support of IZOLYATSIA Kinofest NYCthe Independent Film Festival of Eastern Europe, took place in New York. Its program consisted of many films, familiar to IZOLYATSIA fans from our Saturday film screening - "Ukrainian Lessons" by Ruslan Batytsky, "How the Cossacks flew to space" by Evgeny Matvienko, the part of the "Ukraine, Goodbye!" anthology and others.

Especially for IZOLYATSIA Festival Program Director Damian Kolody, producers Denis Ivanov, Lesya Kalinskaya and Vyacheslav Volynschikov, Director Kinofest NYC Andrey Kotlyar and film director Evgeny Matvienko told how Kinofest NYC turned to the important cinema event from the club meeting, explained the fact that Ukrainian and foreign viewers should be brought outside their comfort zones and shared their thoughts about films as ways to get the knowledge about definite countries and tools to recreate their culture.


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