Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

From the 14th to the 17th of April, Izo-team members, Evita Kuzma and Victoria Ivanova, took part in the 71st meeting of the TransEuropeHalles network, which unites over fifty independent cultural centres across Europe, making IZOLYATSIA the first Ukrainian member within the network.

TransEuropeHalles (TEH) promotes closer cooperation between European independent cultural centres, and many of the network’s programs are supported and funded by the European Commission. TEH will launch a new project this coming May, Engine Room Europe, which will include opportunities for all members to participate in programs such as artists and staff exchange initiatives between centres, as well as programs that target capacity building, sustainability and development of online resources.

IZOLYATSIA intends to take active part in the programs offered to the members of TEH. Watch this space


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