Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

Two weeks ago IZOLYATSIA has published the most resonant media release in its history. The educational seminar for non-governmental organizations was disrupted by a group of people who broke into the IZOLYATSIA territory to commit unlawful acts. The inherently non-political event was used as an occasion for political actions.

The absurdity of this scenario and its symptomatic nature for the situation both in Ukraine and the world has forced us to explain obvious facts:

Cultural spaces must be respected as spaces of open dialogue and pluralistic culture of perceiving the world. They can not serve as a field for political games or become a platform to lobby political interests.

May, 1st - the traditional day for demonstrations and political actions - we chose as the day to demonstrate the only possible politics of IZOLYATSIA. A ARTE SALVA (Art as Salvation).

The motto remembered by the world through resonant works of Brazilian artist Eduardo Srur* promotes artistic initiatives as an attempt to warn the society about its diseases. It is a symbol of an art form in the space between artistic activity, social activity and political gesture. It is a symbol for lessons of solidarity and creativity, lessons of civil rights and liberties.

Questioning the "serious" political demonstrations on May, 1st IZOLYATSIA together with Ukrainian artists invites everyone to attend the lesson of politics of creative people - A ARTE SALVA politics - and shows that art can be an effective tool for social changes, a means of saving society from the constraints of mediocrity and intolerance.


The day program:


14:00 - 17:00

Master classes by Ukrainian artists for children and adults (posters, collages, infographics)

Roman Minin, Hamlet Zinkovskiy, Masha Kulikovska

IZOLAB master classes (origami, pasta architecture)


14:30 - 17:00

Folk games, dances, stoneflies and other fun

Nikolay Huseynov


17:30 - 18:30

"...king Lear" (a dialogue about the nature of the world)

Scenes from the Shakespeare's play

Donetsk Chamber Theatre "ZHUKI"

Eugeniy Chistokletov, Olga Chistokletova


Please enter through the third gate house. 

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* Eduardo Srur, Brazilian artist, who began his career in 2002. Later he started working with new media such as photography, sculpture, video, performance, installation. He is famous by art interventions in a public space that alter a landscape of a city and raise the question of the social system in critical and humorous ways.


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