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IZOLYATSIA joins SWAP: UK/Ukraine Residency Programme

IZOLYATSIA is pleased to announce its participation in the second iteration of SWAP: UK/Ukraine Artist Residency Programmeco-organised by the British Council Ukraine and Liverpool Biennial. The project aims to connect artists from Ukraine and the UK and support their professional development and internationalisation. As in its first year, the programme is also designed to give artists the time to research, reflect and explore the UK/Ukraine’s vast artistic traditions.

IZOLYATSIA is one of the project’s partnering organisations in Ukraine, along with YermilovCentre, Kharkiv’s Municipal Art Gallery, and Soshenko 33Art Studios. In September-October 2017, IZOLYATSIA will hold a residency of up to 45 days for one of the four UK-based artists selected through an open call. An exhibition showcasing the results of the residencies will take place in 2017-2018 in Mystetskyi Arsenal (Kyiv). Preference will be given to ground-breaking UK-resident artists interested in immersing themselves into an overseas visual arts’ community to learn, share and collaborate. Artists will be provided with travel, accommodation, a studio, per diems and a stipend for production/research.

Moreover, the organisers are looking for four Ukraine-based artists looking to spend up to 45 days in a Liverpool-based residency curated by the Liverpool Biennial team inSeptember-October 2017.

The deadline for applications in June 30, 2017. For more information, please visit the project’s official page.


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