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Above/Under the line

On October 9, in the frames of Kyiv Contemporary Music Days: Touchpoints festivalthe concert “Above/under the line” by the violinist and composer from St. Peterburg Artur Zobnin will take place at “Izolyatsia” platform for cultural initiatives (Naberezhno-Lugova st. 8).

The festival, according to the organizers, is aimed to discover the touchpoints between the tendencies in contemporary classical music scene in Ukraine and Europe. It started in September with the international masterclasses for young composers held in partnership with “Izolyatsia” and also included the electroacoustic concert of the Portuguese composer Jaime Reis, the project with Armonia Ludus Orchestra in Mystetsky Arsenal and also a series of chamber concerts.

The program of “Above/Under the line” concert by Artur Zobnin is, perhaps, the most challenging and uncompomising among the projects of the festival. In addition to works by internationally recognized artists of European avant-garde, a considerable part of the concert will focus on the music of the younger generation of composers from post-Soviet space, who have already claimed attention due to their extraordinary creative gestures.

Prepared violin and ephemeral sounds, rustling, creaking and silence, simple things in complex musical contexts - all of it will fill the atmosphere of “Izolyatsia” where the concert will be held. The program includes music by composers Wolfgang Rihm (Germany), Georges Aperghis (Greece/France), Alexey Shmurak (Ukraine), Georgy Dorokhov (Russia), Adrian Mocanu (Ukraine) and Elena Rykova (Russia/USA).


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