Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

Art Wednesday

1 June 2016 — 7 November 2020

Art Wednesday is an IZOLYATSIA project that aims to give the space for the presentation and discussion for the artists and the creative sector’s representatives. This is a long-term public programme of the foundation that exists for five years already. Since June 2016 more than 200 young artists, researchers, curators and other participants of the Ukrainian cultural field have taken part in the events. During the time of the project running more than 170 public events, exhibitions, presentations, discussions, artist-talks and performances have taken place.

In April, May, June and July 2020 for the first time the programme goes beyond the walls of creative community IZONE and temporarily passes to online. The conceptual and formal transformation was triggered by the forced isolation related to the pandemic of COVID-19. The quarantine measures have cancelled all the public events and have actualized the necessity of the support of cultural field. 

The new format of Art Wednesday apprehends curatorial programmes, that will become commentaries for the programming concept of the institution in 2020 — Grounding. The programme of events actualizes the number of questions connected to the impact of humans on environmentalism and the consequences that create our current state. The programme direction of events in May, June and July will be the calling Down to the Earth,  that invites artists, curators and researchers, who work on the crossing of contemporary art, industrial aesthetics and ecological activism, while giving the opening for the number of practices having transformative effect. We expect that pretty soon the new programmes of events will be held as previously in the format of offline meetings and will be exploring the art in the new condition of interactions in public spaces after quarantine.

The interest of the project includes the artistic environment and its forming factors. Аrt Wednesday aims to create the atmosphere of interaction and communication, to spread the knowledge about artistic, curatorial and research practices, as well as to assist in finding the associates and to receive the feedback. 

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