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Art Wednesday: Yevhen Korshunov Artist Talk

On February the 5th, Yevhen Korshunov will hold an artist talk in creative community IZONE. 

The artist will present a photo exhibition followed by a screening of older unshown before videoworks and a new one. After the screening, Yevhen will elaborate more on his art practice which evolves around topics of Ukrainian vitality, absurd, kitsch, and parasitism.



Yevhen Korshunov was born in Brovary, Kyiv oblast. He graduaded from National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture in 2016. Over the past five years, Yevhen has been working in graphics, painting, video, land-art, and photo.

Yevhen is a participant of multiple residencies, among which there are Coming out of Isolation 2.0 (Kyiv), Artsvit gallery Residency Program (Dnipro), Z.mist (Mariupol), Foundation (Poland). He also took part in such projects as Dr. Frenkenstein’s Children (Ya Gallery), Festival of Young Artists (Mystetskyi Arsenal), and Non Stop media IX.

Art Wednesdays in February will be hold as a part of Coming Out of Isolation 2.0, a residency aimed at the elimination of discrimination, xenophobia and prejudice towards members of the LGBT+ community in Ukraine.

Starts at 7:00 PM

Free entry

Address: IZONE, 8 Naberezhno-Lugova, 4th floor, studio 2

Art Wednesday is a series of events by IZOLYATSIA. The project aims to create relaxed atmosphere of communication for creative people. The format of the event is determined by the participants themselves: it can be a presentation, an exhibition, a film show, a performance, a lecture or a discussion. Art Wednesday was initiated in order to provide space for creative people to present various artistic practice and share information about current research, ideas and events.