Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

On October 5-6th Ukrainian artists Yulia Kostereva and Yura Kruchak have come to visit IZOLYATSIA. 

Artists gave the lecture about art institutions in South Korea and hold a civic workshop “The Art Of Interaction”.

The purpose of the workshop was to identify and discuss important themes, places and population groups of Donetsk that might be involved in the art process.

In addition to artists and the IZOLYATSIA curator Olena Chervonik the workshop was attended by Mikhail Zheltyakov, the Deputy Head of the Culture and Tourism Department of the Donetsk Region State Administration, Elena Glubokaya, the Head of the Department of scientific and educational work of the Donetsk regional museum, Irina Eremenko and Pavel Kubrak, teachers of the Donetsk Art College and Viktoria Ischenko, a journalist of the non-political news portal NGO.

Рarticipants proposed places in the city, population groups and problems/themes according to these groups. Their answers were written on cards and composed to certain combinations. They discussed how a new combination of places, people and themes could be involved in the art process.

Among such themes were mentioned the lack of observation decks in the city; ecology of language (using of profanity); transport difficulties; rebuilding of the city which lead to remaking of historical places and loss of significance of these places; multiculturalism of the city and unsuitable attempts to impose to it just Ukrainian identity.

As a result of discussion, two big art projects could be created in accordance with proposed places, people and themes.


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