Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

On December 15th at 13:00 IZOLYATSIA invites to watch the “Cross-Country” movie and to meet with film director Marina Vroda.

First, a boy is forced to run. Then He runs on his own.  And then He watches another one run.

Awards: Short Film Competition, Festival de Cannes; Competitiva Janela Internacional (International Short Film Competition) Olhar Award – Best Film; International Short Film Competition Artistic Contribution Award for its achievements in camera and cinematography.

France - Ukraine

Script, director: Maryna Vroda

Director of photography: Vladimir Ivanov

Actors: Egor Agarkov, Valeria Bogdanova, Olexander Koval, Maria Sodol

Art department: Ivan Orlenko, Maryna Dykykha

Storyboard, Poster: Kirill Shuvalov

Producers: Florence Keller, Kevin Orr

Production: Les 3 Lignes

15 min, hd, language – Russian, color

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