Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

On June, 15th at 13:00 Andrey Korova will show at IZOLYATSIA his spy documentaries created on the occasion of the DMY International Design Festival 2013 opening in Berlin.

The highlight of the program is a walk in huge halls of the old (even Nazi era) Berlin Tempelhof Airport being used as a place for the young European design super show, together with the Berlin egghead Alexander Silkin. There are tough guys (even two), thin-legged hipsters, a bunch of intellectualism and a sea of creativie things made of plastic, paper, metal and wood.

The second film focuses on the newly opened exhibition "100 best posters (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)". It is devoted to 1700 posters appeared in 2012, presumably the best examples of the genre.

The third film was secretly shot in the Design department of the Museum of Applied Art. It's totally impossible to understand what is being exhibited, but you can see how it's exhibited. Thus you can understand how the design of a modern European Design Museum looks. The fourth film is called "art deco de cologne" and shows street art on sides of cars and green lawns. And finally, the fifth film is dedicated to the Berlin Potsdamer Platz lined with ultra-modern buildings.

Those who will survive to the end are real designers and hipsters. On the Day of Judgment they will start the queue.

Don't come. It will be boring.

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