Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

On May, 31st IZOLYATSIA invites everyone to visit the lecture by French art critic Jean-Claude Marcade "Ukrainian avant-garde art of the first half of the XXth century" and his presentation of the book "Malevich" published by "Rodovid". The event is organized with the support of Alliance française.

Jean-Claude Marcade is the French art critic, curator and honored director of the French National Center for Scientific Research, a connoisseur of artistic avant-garde of the former USSR and one of the most important pioneers and explorers of the Ukrainian avant-garde phenomenon.

In the preface to the Ukrainian edition Marcade writes: "There is an element that distinguishes my work from most other studies of Malevich. It is my attention to the roots of his Ukrainian artistic poetics, which is usually ignored or obscured not only in Russian studies. In all my books and articles about the so-called "Russian Avant-Garde" I distinguish in this powerful and innovative artistic direction of this flow to three "schools": St.-Petersburg, Moscow and Ukrainian (and Malevich belongs to the ast one). "

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