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On April 20th at 13:00 IZOLYATSIA will present three books about the artist Katerina Bilokur ("Rodovid" publishing house).

This edition is the original expedition to the Katerina Bilokur's archive stored in the Yagotinskiy State Historical Museum and its branches (Yagotinskiy Art Gallery and Memorial Museum-Estate in Bogdanovka).

The main set of documents, letters, photos, sketches not represented in museums consists of two folders (textual and visual). They were viewed and collected in this album by journalist and art critic Valentina Klymenko and artist Irina Pasechnik.

Katerina Bilokur's letters published in this edition let us feel thoughts, preferences, attitudes and concerns of the artist differently, more clearly and emphatically. Her letters and drafts give us the image of the original artist and a fine, good woman. As one of the authors - Valentina Klymenko - writes in her introduction: "On these pages we bring the private world of the creator - her personal archive ... All these leaflets listed in chronological order may be an outstanding chronicle of the artist's original diary, which contains her wins and losses in the daily struggles of rural life, patriarchal duties and poverty with persistent service to her vocation". 

The book "I am Bilokur Katerina Vasilіyvna" finishes the project of the publishing house "Rodovid" dedicated to this outstanding artist. Earlier "Rodovid" has published two books - "Katerina Bіlokur. Art commandment" and "Katerina Bіlokur. Art: folk, naive, high?".

Our guests are Lydia Likhach, director of the publishing house "Rodovid", Jennifer Kahn, an American art historian, Valentina Klymenko, journalist and author of articles on Bilokur. 

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