Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

ИЗОЛЯЦИЯ. Платформа культурных инициатив.

Events, like ART-KYIV, are interesting not because of exhibits, but because of people who are comming to them. Beeing tired of "young" art, they were getting to us, where we were treated with tea, could relax and be themselves. We were really happy to see, that lots of visitors were familiar with IZOLYATSIA and our implemented projects. 

The nicest thing was positive reaction to what we are doing. Friends, we do remember your compliments, wishes and certainly waiting for you to come to us!

Also, we want to remind you, that November, the 13th, during the last day of forum work, at 14:00 Martina Koppel-Young will make a lecture about strategies of actual Chinese art.  Everyone, who had no possibility to visit Martina\'s lecture in Donetsk have changes to visit it at ART KYIV contemporary.


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