Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

On January 26th IZOLYATSIA invites you to watch three Ukrainian movies “Duzhevilny”, “Eskimo” and “The Second Wind” and to talk with young film-directors Maria Ponomaryova and Anastasia Maksimchuk.

“Duzhevilny” by Khristina Danilova.

He is a 25-years old narcissist. His lively imagination scans all girls around and  then they have little interest. That was before, until one girl broke his internal scanner.

“Eskimo” by Maria Ponomaryova.

A couple - a persuasive wife and an unfortunate husband - travels in the train compartment which rushes through winter spaces. Everything is usual like a shaking spoon in a cup holder and a portable radio. But the man did not even realize that a flag station in the middle of the snowy field would change everything.

“The Second Wind” by Anastasia Maksimchuk

He wakes up in a room in which there’s no air. There’s no air on the streets of the city where he runs. The severity of lungs pushes him to run as far away as possible to the place where he can breathe at last. But there is something that that forces him to come back to this space without air.

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