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Dagmara Domagała  and Paweł Janicki (WRO) Artist Talk

On October 19, at 7 PM, Dagmara Domagała and Paweł Janicki from WRO Art Center will held their Artist Talk on the subjects Black on White: An Achromatic History of Art and About Conditional Arts.

Dagmara Domagała has the M.A. degree in Cultural Studies; she is a scholar, art critic, art mediator and art guide. Her primary focus is on researching, elaborating and disseminating analogue and digital collections of the WRO Archive. From 2015 she is a member of the WRO Biennale's programme team. She lectures Media Art at the University at Lower Silesia. 

Dagmara will talk on Black on white: An achromatic history of art. The colour as a substance of an artwork. The speaker will take a look at the history of colour in art, and explore the tropes of black, black & white^ and white artistic realisations along with the cultural ambiguity of the sense of colour. 

  • Do we need colour in art? 
  • Why did the artists decide to turn down the multicolored palettes? 
  • What was the suprematist revolution? 
  • And what does Coco Chanel have to do with all this?

Paweł Janicki will talk on About Conditional Arts (on the occasion of the installation TeToKi!). TeToKi! as a thinking application in the formula of conditional arts. Conditional Arts is a cross-cutting and inclusive term depriving of thinking within the categories of a specific medium, manifesto, or aesthetics, and directing towards conditional relations, simplicity and to the art that is understood as a complex of intersecting various practices. 

The lecture is an attempt to look at the practice of media art from an unusual point of view: without getting rid of technological gadgets, while trying to make the most of available digital techniques (and thinking regarding the phenomenon of digital). It also introduces a historical perspective. It shows that many aspects in media culture are a modern representation of processes present in culture for a long time.

The artist talk will take place at IZONE, vul. Naberezhno-Luhova 8.