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Workshop Which Way to the Sound

December 9, at 4 PM, as part of the Interactive Playground project, there will be a workshop Which Way to the Sound developed by choreographer Izabela Kościesza and composer Jarek Kordaczuk. This workshop is dedicated to the method of music creation by motion and gesture.

On the official website of Jarek Kordaczuk, the creators of the Which Way to the Sound workshop decribe it:

We learn to make music through movement and gesture. In principle, all musicians do so. But we will not sing nor play instruments. We will look for sounds in a different way. We will search for them moving between objects placed on the floor. In each of these objects are hidden sounds. We will find a way to free them. We will then be able to walk among them, triggering new sound events. From here it is not far to create a music piece. We know how to excite sounds, so we need a score. A traditional score is a book of notes on every page. The pages of our score will be maps. What maps? Setting the route between the objects on the floor, telling us where and how we're should go to get to the right sound. Sometimes maps tell us to go cautiously, slowly. Sometimes they make speed up and even run as fast as our legs can carry us... Yes, yes, in music time does not wait, too! Once we learn to read the maps, we will be able to create new ones. We will also be ready for the first gesture of the conductor. And when that happens, we will make the most authentic, encoded in our map-score piece of music. And without instruments, we will become the most authentic orchestra. Such a little rushed off their feet...

December 9 (Sunday); 4 PM
IZONE; Naberezhno-Luhova, 8
Entry is free but, please, fill in the registration form