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Ritual of Approval

On October 24, 4 to 7 pm, action Ritual of Approval by GAZ art group and Oleksiy Say will take place as part of ZMINA project, supported by IZOLYATSIA.

The action marks the new stage in ZMINA project that comprises numerous events held by IZOLYATSIA throughout 2015 in the cities of Ukrainian Donbas. Mariupol is now becoming an important cultural springboard for Ukrainian artists, and IZOLYATSIA will keep on supporting cultural, social and economic change in the city. IZOLYATSIA incites Ukrainian artists to join the initiative.

Ritual of Approval is a form of art communication with help of various media. According to its authors, applause plays an important socio-political function as a symptomatic bond between a "victim" and a state leader. A kind of "power vertical" is formed, and it seems that the state would become ruined without it. On the one hand, the goal of applause is to declare oneself as an expert entity, in other words — to appropriate some social status. But on the other hand, when joining to applauding community, the individual loses the ability to keep a personal secret.

Participants and authors of the project: GAZ Group (Vasiliy Grublyak and Oleksiy Zolotariov) and Oleksiy Say. Project manager: Kateryna Ray.

Location: Palace of Culture Chayka, 71 Lunin Avenue, Mariupol.


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