Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

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On September 26 and 27 IZOLYATSIA’s representative office in Mariupol, in cooperation with Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, organize open-air film screenings. The selected films are part of the documentary almanac Docudays UA on the Block. As part of the event, anthropologist Nadiya Chushak will give a lecture Industrial Ruins: To Destroy, To Sell or To Remember?, followed by a discussion. The screenings will be held in the courtyard of Molodiozhny Palace of Culture, 17/25 Kharlampievskaya Street.

September 26, 7 pm
Opening, discussion with the organizers, screening of Pit-Hole (dir. Jiři Stejskal, Czech Republic) and The Argentinian Lesson (dir. Wojciech Staroń, Poland).

September 27, 7 pm
Lecture Industrial Ruins: To Destroy, To Sell or To Remember? by Nadiya Chushak, followed by a discussion and the screening of Roma Dream (dir. Roman Bondarchuk, Ukraine) and Mom (dir. Lidia Sheinina, Russia).

Free entrance.

This project is made possible with the support of the Human Rights Fund of the Netherlands Embassy in Ukraine


Nadiya Chushak obtained a PhD in anthropology at the University of Melbourne (Australia). Her research deals with the subject of nostalgia and politics of memory.

Industrial architecture in the state of decay often confuses us; what can one do with it? The lecture tells about different ways of utilizing the industrial architecture in international context, from the critique of commodification and abstract aestheticization of such buildings to re-evaluation of nostalgic sentiments they sometimes evoke.


Pit-Hole, Jiři Stejskal, Czech Republic, 2014
Natasha Yurchenko used to live in a small village before developers decided to rebuild the area. Her family resisted the developments, and now they are trapped between the high-rise buildings. She wants to fight for her home, but conflicts surface in the family. How far will she go defending their home? A film portrait of five years in the life of one extraordinary family in today’s Ukraine.

The Argentinian Lesson, Wojciech Staroń, Poland, 2011
A story of an 8-year-old boy Janek trying to integrate into a new cultural environment after a forced immigration to Argentina from Poland. The film is based on life of the director, which explains the genuine emotions of misunderstanding and rejection of the environment showcased in the movie. Slowly, the boy befriends an 11-year-old Marcia who, although a child herself, has to take care of her whole family. This friendship and the new environment change Janek.

Roma Dream, Roman Bondarchuk, Ukraine, 2012
A collection of four stories about residents of Roma settlements in Transcarpathia, considered successful people in the Roma community. The Roma Dream cycle is an exploration of the problems of Roma people in Transcarpathia by Ukrainian documentary filmmakers.

Mom, Lidia Sheinina, Russia, 2013
The main character is 96 years old. She is imprisoned in her flat, not sure what day it is and hardly remembers which of her relatives is still alive. Is this life? But everything is filled with meaning: the life outside her window, worrying about her nearest and dearest, and love toward those around her. And that becomes more important than the details of everyday reality.

The activity of IZOLYATSIA in Mariupol is carried out with the support of UNDP in Ukraine. The project Rapid Response to the Social and Economic Issues of Internally Displaced Persons in Ukraine is being implemented with financial support from the Government of Japan in partnership with the Government of Ukraine, regional and local authorities.


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