The IZOLYATSIA territory in Donetsk remains seized and the platform has currently relocated to Kyiv.

Garden Lab

Garden Lab will focus on (non)anthropocentric perspective on cohabitation with plants.

Mentored by Lesya Kulchynska, cultural anthropologist, curator and art critic. 

The idea of resettled garden contains a paradox. In a certain sense, a garden is an anthithesis to ressettling as its essence is in being rooted. Fundamental difference between people and plants is that the latter are not able to move. Garden is synonymous to its place, it is the place itself. As well, the plants do not simply exist in an enviriment but rather create it by generating an ecosystem and microclimate around them.

The world as habitat was created by plants that produced oxygen. We propose to collectively create a garden during the Garden lab, that can become a habitat for someone, a place to hold future processes, events and interactions. This proposal calls for long term responsibility, as the planted garden requires growth thats connected with the choosen place, inhabiting plants and each other.


Alina Lupu, Netherlands

Sigita Simona Paplauskaite, Lithuania

Job Sánchez, Mexico

Weronika Morawiec, Poland

Katya Libkind, Ukraine

Anna Cherednikova, Sweden

Ksenia Korobkina, Ukraine