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SVAYA / Contemporary Art for Teenagers: Working with space and samizdat. Brochure + seminar

In the fourth issue of the Laboratory of Contemporary Art, the artists Olha Poliak and Maria Ahisian systematize their experience of mentoring the adolescent art group Zwanzig Partisanen. What methods do the artists use in alternative basic artistic instruction? How can we research space with children through land art and readymades? The booklet will also describe the other practice of Zwanzig Partisanen — samizdat — with step-by-step instructions and advice. 

Find the issue via link.

During the online seminar (24.09.20, 7 PM), the artists plan to lead a workshop on creating a zine, which will include different exercises that investigate space — working with imprints of natural structures and collages from garbage. 

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The booklet and the online seminar could be useful for art school teachers, Centres for Child and Youth Creativity, parents who are interested in basic artistic education, representatives of creative spaces and educational initiatives and all those who want to find out more about public art and samizdat. 

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