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Local Musical Identity: Sound-art and sound-research. Brochure + seminar

In the booklet (which you can get access to via a link below) there will be a section detailing the recording, structuring and archiving of regional sonic phenomena — from folk, mythology, historical legacy to industrial and street noise. How can we reinterpret that which we hear every day and form a local audio picture from the sounds gathered. The brochure’s narrative will be formed from a mixture of sociological observations, sensations, sounds and the experience of sound-artists Evhen Hordeev (Kurs Valüt, Ksztalt,МС Брехунець). What is sound art and sound performance? How can we research sound with the help of improvised means and how can we include new works with sounds in a programme of alternative musical education? 

Find the issue via link.

During the online seminar (9/9/2020, 7 PM), participants will be able to find out more about the instruments used in the search for material that is sonically inherent to a place, about his recording (field recording) and archival research, and talk with the artist and curator. 

This edition of Laboratory of Contemporary Art and online seminar could interest practitioners of musical art, people working in educational initiatives and all who want to find out more about sound art. 

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We thank Dnipro art-space Module for the help in organizing.