Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

ZMINA: Rebuilding supported projects

IZOLYATSIA Foundation, together with Trans Europe Halles (SE) and Malý Berlín (SK), are starting the ZMINA: Rebuilding projects implementation. ZMINA: Rebuilding provides 1.4 million euros to support Ukrainian artists and cultural organizations working alone, with national or non-Ukrainian partners. Selected program participants will be able to create and showcase in Ukraine and abroad works that facilitate, promote or mediate public discourse on the topic of "rebuilding": identity, social norms, communities, relationships, and infrastructure. Intensive capacity-building of Ukrainian artists and cultural organizations, also open to public cultural offices, will support the sub-granting scheme, along with communication and dissemination in Ukraine and internationally.

National subgrants

ZMINA: Rebuilding program supports projects that contribute to the research and development of Ukraine's rebuilding themes.

First wave of national subgrants

Second wave of national subgrants

  • Project implementation timeframe: March 2024 — August 2024.  
  • List of the projects supported by the second wave of national subgrants will be available soon 

International subgrants

The international calls aim to support cultural organisations working with peers from Creative Europe countries, including Ukraine, to present high-visibility cooperation projects. 

First wave of international subgrants

Second wave of international subgrants

  • Project implementation timeframe: May 2024 — January 2025. 
  • The list of the projects supported by the second wave of international subgrants will be available soon. 

ZMINA: Rebuilding is a project co-funded by the EU's Creative Europe program as part of a special call for proposals to support Ukrainian IDPs and the Ukrainian cultural and creative sectors. The project is the result of cooperation between the IZOLYATSIA Foundation (Ukraine), the Trans Europe Halles network (Sweden) and the Malý Berlín organization (Slovakia).