Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

ZMINA: Rebuilding. Capacity building trainings for organizations

IZOLYATSIA Foundation invites you to participate in trainings for cultural professionals who want to improve their knowledge and skills in submitting grant applications. During the week, three trainings will be held on the key issues of the application process.

Training №1: Technical aspects of applying for participation in the ZMINA: Rebuilding

During the training on technical aspects of applying for participation in the ZMINA: Rebuilding program, the project team will talk about the steps to successfully apply: a description of the technical requirements for applications, common mistakes that applicants make when applying, types of documents required for application, drafting letters of guarantee, etc. At the end of the event, the program team will answer questions about the technical aspects of applying.

Training №2: Financial planning and financial capacity

The training on financial capacity and financial planning will cover the issues of financial capacity (and why it is important for applicants when submitting grant projects), financial planning of the project budget — what should be kept in mind at all times and why the terms of grant programs and financial reporting requirements for a grant project affect the planning of the project budget, etc. At the end of the event, the program team will answer questions about the financial aspects of applying. 

Training №3: Project management during project implementation

The training will cover the key aspects of successful project management during implementation. All tools are based on the experience of the IZOLYATSIA team. The event will be divided into two parts. In the first part, participants will learn about project management in terms of team capacity; hierarchy in project activities; reporting during project implementation; and how to involve local authorities in the project.

The second part of the training will be devoted to interactive group work to consolidate the tools learned. At the end of the training, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and clarify the information received.

The event will be held in Ukrainian. 

ZMINA: Rebuilding is a project co-funded by the EU Creative Europe Programme under a dedicated call for proposals to support Ukrainian displaced people and the Ukrainian Cultural and Creative Sectors. The project is a cooperation between IZOLYATSIA (UA), Trans Europe Halles (SE) and Malý Berlín (SK).