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Announcing the Winner of the Social Contract Open Call

IZOLYATSIA congratulates the Mexican artist Cynthia Gutierrez who won the competition of art interventions at the former site of the Lenin monument in Kyiv. The open call preceded the Social Contract project that will be held in July 2016 at IZOLYATSIA and will feature an exhibition, discursive programme and an artistic intervention.

Cynthia Gutierrez, artist from Guadalajara (Mexico), proposed to build a staircase going up and down from the pedestal, allowing every viewer to feel the movement of historic symbols, their rise and fall, and oblivion. “My work intends to question the established schemes that condition us,” - the artist explains. Cynthia Gutierrez hopes that her project will provoke a discussion and reflection about imposed memory, system failure, emptiness, identity and occupying space.

The installation titled Inhabiting Shadows will be built around the pedestal of the former Lenin monument at Taras Shevchenko Boulevard in Kyiv in early July during the Social Contract project.

During the open call we have received 21 applications from artists and art groups around the globe: eight from Ukraine, two from Mexico, and one from Poland, Bulgaria, Chile, Spain, Belgium, Latvia, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Netherlands, and Switzerland. Individual artists included six women and thirteen men.

The international jury includes:

Anna Bondar – interim deputy director of the Department for Urban Planning and Architecture of the Kyiv City State Administration (Ukraine)
Evgeniya Kuleba – co-founder of the Heavenly Hundred Garden, head of the Garden City project (Ukraine)
Rick Rowbotham – architect, urban designer (UK)
Oksana Barshynova – curator, head of the XX – XXI century art department at the Ukrainian National Art Museum (Ukraine)
Kateryna Filiuk – curator of the Social Contract project (Ukraine – Netherlands).



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