Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

On 23-24 and 30-31 July, IZOLYATSIA invites you to participate in eight events dedicated to the art of photography. We invite all beginners and professionals, amateurs and veterans, and simply interested people to take part in our special events.

Artists-In-Residence // IZOLYATSIA Platform for Cultural Initiatives

As part of this year’s residency program, IZOLYATSIA invites to take part in a master-class by Richard Ansett (Great Britain) - “Judging a Book By Its Cover,” to learn about the history of Portuguese photography, told by Nuno Barroso (Portugal), and to find out how Natasha Pavlovskaya (Russia) sees Donbass. During a stroll around the territory of the arts centre IZOLYATSIA, Marco Citron (Italy) will tell about his approach to landscape photography, and Homer (Ukraine) will give a master-class on art in public place. Marina Black (Canada) will tell about black-and-white photography and Flavia Junquiera (Brazil) will tell about how she injects vivid colours into trivial grey spaces.

Saturday, July 23rd

13:00 - Master-class by Richard Ansett (Great Britain) “Judging a Book By Its Cover” (translated).

Richard Ansett will present his body of work and his personal artistic working practice. He will explore ideas of identity and personality shaped by the interaction between the social and political landscape and how that is read visually. He will challenge the assumptions of conventional aesthetics as a natural law.

15:30 - Master-class by Marco Citron (Italy) "Landscape Photography and My Approach" (translated).

During a walk around the territory of the arts centre IZOLYATSIA, Marсo Citron will tell about his approach to landscape photography. (Attention! For professional photographers ONLY – to participate, please send a link to your portfolio. See for further details.)

Sunday, July 24th

13:00 - Lecture by Nuno Barroso (Portugal) “From Carlos Relvas to Edgar Martins – 100 years of Portuguese Photography” (translated).

A resume of Portuguese photography history, starting on the influence of British communities and the introduction of the medium in the country, passing by the famous project Lisboa – Cidade Triste e Alegre from Victor Palla and Costa Martins and ending on the digital manipulation controversy originated by Edgar Martins in his recent work for the New York Times.

15:30 - Master-class by Natasha Pavlovskaya (Russia) "Donbass as I Once Saw It".

A creative meeting with Russian photographer Natasha Pavlovskaya, during which she will demonstrate her works and share her thoughts on Donbas and how one can capture it.

Saturday, July 30th

13:00 - Lecture and master-class by Marina Black (Canada) "Photography of Thoughts: creating your own alphabet". 

As the boundaries between art and mainstream photography continue to expand and blur, the workshop will focus on the ways of creating an intimate relationship between the photographer and her personal work through an exploration of various sources and mediums while examining artistic practices of the past and present.

15:30 - Master-class by Homer (Ukraine) "Creating a Work of Art In Public Space".

Homer, aka Sasha Kurmaz, will tell about street art and its documentation, as well as about the role and significance of photography in street art.

Sunday, July 31st

13:00 - Master-class and lecture by Flavia Junquiera (Brazil) "Test for a party: the construction of photography as approach and departure" (translated).

Lecture on personal work process, both the practical aspect and the thought process of production. An explanation of how a photo project can be built with a scenario, interference and assembly. The relationships between reality and idealisation, magic and fiction are the themes to be exposed in portraying what is to be accomplished in the construction of a stage design.

15:30 - Master-class by Alexander Strinadko (Ukraine) "Black-and-white photography".

The participation in all master classes and lectures is free of charge. All events will take place at the following address: Donetsk, Svetlogo puti, 3. IZOLYATSIA. Platform for Cultural Initiatives.

Driving map: By public transport - bus # 20 from Autostation Center 2 to bus stop Zavod Izolyatsia. Travel time 20-25 min.

Entry is free on conditions of preliminary registration. When registering, please specify the master-class you would like to take part in.

Hurry! Places are limited! To participate in master-classes by Marco Citron, please send us a link to your portfolio and wait for a reply confirming your participation. Registration is open until 21 July by telephone (062) 340 46 09 or by e-mail [email protected].

Special thanks to the Donetsk affiliation of the Kiev School of Photography for informational support.

Artists-In-Residence // IZOLYATSIA Platform for Cultural Initiatives


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