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Opening of Alexander Chekmenyov’s Documentation of the Everyday

On February 20, 2017, at 7 PM, as part of the Donbas Studies programme, IZOLYATSIA presents the opening of the exhibition Documentation of the Everyday and presentation/discussion of Passport, a new book by photographer Alexander Chekmenyov.

The exhibition will feature photographs from Chekmenyov’s acclaimed Donbas and Ukrainian Passport series.

Who documents the contemporary history of Ukraine? What is the role of photographer and visual art in times of crisis and war? The discussion will focus on the specific role of photography and photographers in the newest history of Ukrainian society. The documentation of certain stories may eventually turn into a dominant visual narrative. Thus, for example, recent events in Donbas have re-actualised the artworks related to the region under a new light. Moreover, these photo series have become an object of reflection for those trying to understand the reasons behind the events in Ukrainian society in the past several years.

Moderator – Alina Sandulyak.  

Alexander Chekmenyov is a Ukrainian documentary photographer. He started his career in a local photo studio in his native Luhansk and began working as a photo reporter in Kyiv in 1997. His projects focus on people affected by the collapse of the Soviet Union and are an insider’s look at the painful transition period of a territory that used to be a large coalmining region but fell into a deep crisis. Alexander Chekmenyov’s photographic series have been published in New York Times Lens blog, Time Lightbox, New Yorker Photo Booth, MSNBC, and Quartz. He has exhibited his work at Side Gallery (Newcastle), Third Floor Gallery (Cardiff), Clara Maria Sels (Dusseldorf), Blue Sky Gallery (Portland).

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The event will be held at 8 Naberezhno-Luhova Street, Fourth Floor.

Free entrance.

Contact information:
[email protected]
095 46 10 559 Dmytro Chepurnyi


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