Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

IZOLYATSIA Residency Programme

IZOLYATSIA Residency Programme is aimed at supporting professionals in the field of contemporary art and welcomes teams and individual curators, writers, and artists working with painting, sculpture, graphics, photo and video, installation, performance, choreography, theatre, music, street art, and urban studies.

Given the institutional profile and the general socio-political context in Ukraine, IZOLYATSIA is specifically interested in socially and politically engaged art practices, activism, urbanism, creative industries, public art and community-based art. Art practitioners employing different media to investigate post-industrial regeneration, complex socio-political matters of migration and displacement, contested histories and geopolitical issues, are given preference.

Since 2010, IZOLYATSIA has held art residencies in Ukraine, hosting individual artists, initiating multidisciplinary research and curatorial residencies as well as facilitated Ukrainian art professionals’ residencies at the partnering institutions abroad. IZOLYATSIA Residency Programme provides a supportive environment for art practice and fosters creative artistic exchanges between artists and various art professionals in Ukraine and abroad.

IZOLYATSIA Residency Programme offers time, space and professional support for work, reflection, research, production, and experimentation. Professional support may range from technical assistance, assistance in finding local resources and in navigating the city of Kyiv, as well as other cities across Ukraine, to studio visits and peer-to-peer discussions. Residents are also welcome to use IZOLYATSIA’s library and archive, including the unique Donbas Studies corpus. Moreover, residents will have a chance to get acquainted with and research Ukraine with its rich contested historical heritage and contemporary situation as a Post-Soviet country with its contextual, ideological issues. IZOLYATSIA also has facilities to provide accommodation for group of people up to 3 persons. More details are available upon request.

IZOLYATSIA Residency Programme provides two types of residencies:
- thematic group residencies with curatorial supervision;
- individual self-directed residencies. The recommended duration of the residence is 1 month.

Currently there are no scholarships or support funds attached to this programme. However, selected candidates are issued a letter of support for individual grant seeking. The resident is expected to provide one open event in various formats such as a master-class, seminar, off-site lecture, open studio day, training course, etc.

For more information, please contact [email protected].

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