My voice is somehow a little bit greek

For many years, Brazilian artist Luisa Nobrega, the participant of the RESIDENCY 2012, has studied the problem of the human voice, the gulf between the voice and the word, the language and its interpretation.

Her performance at IZOLYATSIA was started almost immediately after her arrival and lasted 41 days, 984 hours, 59,040 minutes and 3,542,400 seconds. Luisa gave a “vow of silence” and used for communications only electronic voice synthesizer – a device that removes emotions from each phrase, creates huge and oppressive pauses between phrases, forces you to rethink what you has said before you will hear anything back.

At first it was strange and interesting. Then uncomfortable. Then usual insomuch that when Louisa’s real voice sounded it was strange and unexpected to hear it and feel every word filled with pleasure and smiles, uncertainty and doubts, her hope and her joy:


“I feel that my voice is somehow a little bit greek I feel that somehow is crossing my necks like this. But I’m just starting, I’m here and I’m looking at you… Everyone is looking at me. It’s like… I made this whole situation up and now I decided to do, to start speaking again…nd enjoy it”, – Luisa Nobrega

The solar path

The “Disputed Territory” exhibition is being held at the M.P. Kroshitskiy Sevastopol Art Museum. It is a reflection about holes in the frozen and divided into spheres world, about territories that should be kept within eyeshot and hopes given by them.

Alexey Salmanov, the participant of the RESIDENCY 2012, takes part in this exhibition. His work – “An untitled project” – documents changes of the Solar Path on the southern coast of the Crimea.

Alexey Salmanov