Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

For two evenings – September 28th and 29th –  the entire IZOLYATSIA became the territory where sound dominated. 

Authors of an audio-visual project Zvukoizolyatsia 2: Outside carried out the action outside the warehouse where the first  Zvukoizolyatsia was held. They invited the audience to rely on their intuition and move around the factory space, using as reference points the melody played by bands and warehouses, starting and falling silent suddenly, and large-scale visual projections, which climb up the walls, elevators and turned the water tower into the lighthouse guide for brave explorers on their journey to the horizon of an everyday life.

Zvukoizolyatsia 2: Outside was attended by over 500 spectators who called the performance "cultural delusions, which uproot by performance all the ordinary and typical ringtone."

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