Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

On September 28-29th, at 19:00 IZOLYATSIA invites everyone to visit the experimental audio-visual event ZVUKOIZOLYATSIA 2: Outside.

For two evenings IZOLYATSIA becomes a territory where sound dominates - mobile and immobile objects of the factory will speak, vibrate and resound as well as IZOLYATSIA installations, warehouses and musical instruments introduced into the space. Spectators will turn to guests of a mysterious town whose buildings are living their own lives, and will have a unique opportunity to make a trip out of time, following a variety of images and sounds.

ZVUKOIZOLYATSIA 2: Outside is a continuation of the first ZVUKOIZOLYATSIA project which pushed the limits of the warehouse. 

Like last year, the project brings together music artists of different genres - from classical music to garage punk and experimental jazz. They will perform a composition created for IZOLYATSIA by three Ukrainian composers, and the play of light and shade and visual projections on factory objects will complement the sounding. 

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Composers: Bohdan Sehin, Alex Shmurak, Maxym Kolomiiets

Production Designer: Miroslav Vajda

Performance: Ensemble Nostri Temporis (Kiev), DOK (Kiev-Donetsk), QUARTA+ (Donetsk)

Video: VJ group "Cube" (Ivano-Frankovsk)

Beginning: 19:00*, September 28-29th

* after 19:15 the entrance will be closed


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