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ZvukoIzolyatsia // IZOLYATSIA Platform for Cultural Initiatives

Inna Durneva, Professor at the Prokofiev Music Academy, Donetsk, shares her impressions: "Art-project ZvukoIzolyatsia is an interesting way of connecting on first glance unrelated phenomena - a disused factory and art. The link is fomented by man, who in his constant search for betterment, constant desire to move forwards, projects aesthetic value even on the most unsuspecting victim."

ZvukoIzolyatsia // IZOLYATSIA Platform for Cultural Initiatives

"ZvukoIzolyatsia is a synthesis of audio-visual and cognitive capacities. The space is arranged in a manner where nothing is accidental. The white labyrinth sucks one in right from the point of entry, serving as a certain symbol of our life-paths - and so we stumble on clutching to our little flashlights. Further on, a plethora of fascinating objects: cubes descending from the ceiling, a non-accidental pile of metal. Absence of musicians in the auditorium gives the opportunity to take everything in without the middle-men.

The beginning and the end of the composition form an arch - a prolonged factory sound, which gathers everything that is revealed in between. The brightest impressions are left by angry drumming on a steel ladder, spontaneous exclamations of the trombone, disturbing whispers, and a brief symbol of beauty and fragility in the second composition, which gets immediately “trampled upon.” One gets an uneasy feeling. Something very foreign rolls in, another reality is formed through these audio-visual impressions, which means that the idea is working. The art-project is triumphant. However, perhaps as part of the movement, there are the backs of leaving people. Negative feedback - reaction of the audience. Here one can remember John Lennon’s comment - there should always be something happening in a composition in order to retain the attention.

In the overall composition, there was a sense of a dissonance between the dynamism of the visual part and some musical episodes. The composition could have benefited from a deeper opening of the rich possibilities that each instrument provides for the achievement of a more profound sonic effect.

Let’s wish all the participants of ZvukoIzolyatsia continued artistic development and new triumphs."


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