The IZOLYATSIA territory in Donetsk remains seized and the platform has currently relocated to Kyiv.

EMERGENCE: Living Heritage / Reframing Memory

EMERGENCE: Living Heritage / Reframing Memory

1 September 2018—1 October 2019

IZOLYATSIA with the Arts & Theatre Institute / Prague Quadrennial (Czech Republic) and 6 other foreign art institutions holds the projected entitled EMERGENCE: Living Heritage/Reframing Memory; it is a long-term artistic programme that will organise and produce a number of events dealing with the interaction between the individual with cultural and historical landscapes around them. The central prompt for the project is to move from shared experience to individual creativity, reanimation of historical heritage, and reframing memory with the help of art and performance.

With the help of performance, the EMERGENCE project will explore the role of local and global memory in shaping formations of cultural understanding and interpreting heritage in different areas across Europe. As a tool and means of connecting established professional designers with emerging performance creators, to develop strong dramaturgical and interpretative skills in the next generation of creators.

This project will bring together a range of performance creators from across Europe (designers, directors, actors, dancers, musicians, fine and visual artists, digital artists, producers, managers) to create works that responds to the specific contexts of selected heritage sites, undertaking a program of workshops, masterclasses, artist residencies, site performances and exhibitions. The project will also support the development of the next generation of performance creators as the activities are specifically designed to connect young artists with established professionals.

What shapes a cultural legacy, and how does it change and how is it affected by history? The EMERGENCE project provides the opportunity for an international investigation of the way that the cultural and historical landscape influences the individual and his/her creativity. Over the course of two years, the project will incorporate conferences, exhibitions, workshops and residencies. In Ukraine, there will be a workshop on the question How History Influences our Physicality led by Sybrig Dokter. Another workshop will be led by Andrea Riedel, exploring the ways in which the body and physicality interact with the historical, cultural and urban space. Alongside this, there will be a residency programme in Kyiv and Mariupol centred around local participation and alternative cultural mapping and local context.

Activity Plan:

  • - October 17 — November 17, 2019 — residency programme visit of Vitaliy Shupliak.
    - October 25 - October 27, 2019 — partner meeting at Ciprus

    - Workshop of phisical movement expert
    - 2 residences

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