Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.


On March 14, at 7PM, as part of the Armed and Dangerous project, there will be special screenings of works by artists Anna Scherbina and Valentina Petrova as part of the video-series exhibition Armed and Dangerous.

In the new series, the sisters of the Sisterhood of St. Mary of Egypt are armed and dangerous, fighting for unequal rights and painting their nails. In a world full of hardships, temptations and distortions, they have to stand up to a duel with deviant marginals, or to lose painfully, filling up a colony of human garbage. Will these beautiful and brave women be able to save traditional family values ​​from the threats of the outside world?  Everything will become clear after watching the new series of Armed and Dangerous.


  • Anna Shcherbina is an artist. Works with various media: from painting to video and audio installations; a co-founder and member of ЙОД groups (2013-2015) and the Team of Specific Dates (2015-2017). She has participated in exhibitions: A Space of One’s Own,, PinchukArtCentre, Kyiv (2018), Textus, Center of Visual Culture, Kyiv (2017), etc.
  • Valentyna Petrova is an artist and a feminist. The artist works with such topics as overcoming the patriarchal representation of the female body and the search for new ways of representing it. Also, the artist works with themes of poverty, work and violence.

March 14 (Thursday), 7 PM
IZONE Creative Community; the 4th floor, Studio 2
8 Naberezhno-Luhova St. (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Entry is free


On January 31, at 7 PM, IZOLYATSIA invites to the opening of the video-series project Armed and Dangerous. The project reflects on the ambiguous state of Ukrainian society undergoing an external intervention and internal disruptive movements. Armed and Dangerous is a project-platform that brings together a group of artists and film directors working on the intersection of contemporary art and experimental cinema. From January 31 to March 17, as part of the project, there will be a public programme including a series of cinema screenings, discussions and lectures.