Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

Installation of a bench made from recycled plastic

On the 17th of September in Soledar at the IZOLYATSIA Foundation office the installation of a bench made from recycled plastic, manufactured by the creative workshop Precious Plastic Ukraine, took place. 

At the end of 2020 the IZOLYATSIA Foundation was already collaborating with the workshop and invited its specialists to Soledar to hold a masterclass and a lecture on recycling plastic as part of the New Carthage project. Then the idea of recycling found support and generated a response from local communities, in particular amongst schoolchildren who collected plastic bottlecaps to make the bench with.

Responding to the request of the youth who had chosen the square in front of the IZOLYATSIA Foundation’s office for informal gatherings and skateboarding, the Foundation also installed a free internet access point. Installation of the bench took place with volunteer help from Radio Jah OO, which has already collaborated with IZOLYATSIA on a number of occasions. 

Precious Plastic Ukraine is a creative workshop founded by Yevhen Khlebnikov in 2016. The workshop is a continuation of Dutch engineer Dave Hakkens’ international project. Dave developed equipment for breaking up plastic and shares his inventions online. Anyone who wants to can use his ideas, add something of their own and pass the knowledge on. There are already more than 8000 people in the international community. Their main challenge is to change how people relate to plastic, and to show people that it is not waste, but valuable raw material which you cannot throw away,