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Open Call: Intensive program of theatre management

IZOLYATSIA in cooperation with MIME WAVE FESTIVAL announces an Open Call for participation in the Intensive program of theatre management, which will take place from 15 to 22 June 2019 in the IZONE Creative Community within the parallel program of the international MIME WAVE FESTIVAL.

The festival is devoted to the development of physical theater and creation of a platform for promotion of cultural and international cooperation in the field of theatrical art. As a part of the parallel program, of MIME WAVE FESTIVAL, a series of events dedicated to the functioning of independent theater groups will be held.

Intensive program of theatre management is designed for those, who intend to create and implement theater projects, to be an active mediator between theater community and audience, build and develop theatrical environment from the inside. The participants of the course can be both managers and actors / performers / directors of the physical theater, or those who intend to create their own product. As a result of the course, two selected participants will be provided with support for implementing their project during the next festival. In addition a trip to the Netherlands will be organized in August 2019 in order to coach the participants’ project, develop planning and financing and get them acquainted with the local theater environment.

The intensive program involves work with the basics of project management, conception and planning, funding and sponsorship research. Members of the intensive program will gain understanding of theater’ industry work in Ukraine, learn about all the phases of creating a project, starting with forming the idea and ending with the final implementation. They will work with texts and images and get acquainted with important figures of the theater environment from Ukraine and abroad (Ide van Heiningen and Karina Holla from the Netherlands, Jean Daniel Wer Lerberg / Switzerland, Veronica Bedecs / Sweden and others).

The number of participants is 10-16 people (50% managers, 50% performers).

To participate in the intensive program  you need to complete the application form by May 17, 19:00.

The announcement of results will take place on May 27.

This program is free. Duration of the program is June 15-22 from 10:00 to 18:00 - 21:00 depending on the day and program of the festival.

To join the project it is preferred to have at least low intermediate level of English.

Additional Information:
Lina Romanukha
+38 097 86 38 39

Mime Wave organization was founded in 2010 by Anastasiia Liubchenko with the support of the Academy of Performing Arts (MAPA). The main goal of the organization is development of cultural cooperation between the Ukraine and the Netherlands in the field of theater and performance, as well as the association of various disciplines in the field of stage practice. Events will be partially sponsored by the Cultural Bridges Program.