Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

19.08 – Gurtobus in Pokrovsʹk!

We are the Gurtobus team, and we are putting together a big family album.

Artifacts that make up the history of the 20th century. Stamps, old photographs, letters, time capsules, herbariums, buttons, ribbons. We travel with artists, photographers and filmmakers – men and women who are ready to work with anyone who wants to create something new, regardless of age, gender or experience. Some of the created things will travel with us – as a kind of message between cities, and all together they will become a large mosaic of a common family album.

Method: There are artists who work with us on every trip to give collage and photography workshops. We will take photos and copies of artifacts that the townspeople want to share: photos, diary pages, stamps, letters, videos – everything that together will create a new family album.

For workshops, you will need photographs / herbariums / memories / stamps of anything that can be considered an artifact.

Exhibition and workshop by photographer Garry Efimov:

We propose to create a portrait of the city together and take part in a workshop on street photography. Let's explore the city together and find new, unexpected perspectives.

Silk-screen printing workshop:

We teach silk-screen printing techniques, create series works together with our artists and artists. The workshop will be interesting for children and adults. 

Cinema: this year Docudays UA / Gurtobus travels with us. The language of documentaries will help us in the dialogue between the personal stories of the heroes of the films and those people whom we meet on the road.  The film screening starts at 20:00.

GURTOBUS is a project of the IZOLYATSIA cultural initiatives platform in cooperation with the US Embassy in Ukraine.

GURTOBUS is a bus that we have turned into a mobile cultural center for workshops, seminars, lectures, interactive projects, film screenings, exhibitions and much more.

The mission of the project is to support the processes of decentralization by strengthening the cultural development of the regions of Ukraine. We are creating an alternative public space that becomes a free platform for cultural and educational events, as well as for communication and exchange of experience of local communities.

The goal of GURTOBUS is to maintain and shape cultural ties and diversity throughout the country.