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Cultural Transformation Movement Project: Artistic Statement

IZOLYATSIA, in cooperation with partners from Brunnenpassage (Austria), VIERNULVIER (Belgium), Zo Centro Culture Contemporanee (Italy) and Trans Europe Halles (Sweden), is actively involved in the Cultural Transformation Movement (CTM) project. This project aims to increase the participation of underrepresented communities in the work of cultural organisations. Over four years, the foundation and its partners will develop methodologies, programmes and cultural projects that will serve as an example and basis for other cultural organisations to support groups of people who are usually either not involved in programmes or not involved in the development and direction of cultural organisations. 

For the IZOLYATSIA Foundation, it is important to convey to colleagues working in European cultural organisations the importance of highlighting the experience of Ukrainians during the full-scale Russian invasion and the decolonisation processes taking place in Ukraine. Artists, curators, activists from the project's partner cultural centres, and Laura Camacho Salgado, a facilitator and coordinator of festivals and cultural programmes, created an Artistic Statement, a document reflecting the common views of artists and change agents in Europe. It focuses on the need for cultural transformation.

This statement is a testament to a polyphonic dialogue that reflects the complexity and contradictions of the contemporary cultural and socio-political landscape. It calls for a rethinking of existing assumptions, an embrace of diversity, and an imagination of the future that finds strength in our collective humanity.

Ksenia Ulyanova, a Ukrainian art historian, art critic and independent curator, represents IZOLYATSIA in this project. Ksenia added to the statement reflections on the experience of Ukrainian artists who were forced to leave their work and join the Ukrainian army to defend the country:

In the context of the war in Ukraine, the CTM project provides a valuable perspective on discussing and promoting inclusiveness through culture. In addition, it acts as a catalyst for building a safe and caring society. Engaging in cultural dialogues and initiatives can create an atmosphere in the community where safety and compassion are prioritised. This, in turn, contributes to a more resilient social fabric that can withstand and heal from the challenges of war. 

Authors of the Artistic Statement: 

  • Araba Evelyn Johnston-Arthur: Agent-of-change at Brunnenpassage (Austria).
  • Elie Laucher: Agent-of-change at Zo Centro Culture Contemporanee (Italy).
  • Emanuele Arturo Miceli: Agent-of-change at Zo Centro Culture Contemporanee (Italy).
  • Kseniia Ulianova: Agent-of-change at IZOLYATSIA. Platform for Cultural Initiatives (Ukraine).
  • Dounia Mahammed: Agent-of-change at (Belgium).
  • Mira Bryssinck: Agent-of-change at (Belgium).
  • Laura Camacho Salgado: CTM project's Artistic Transformation Facilitator.

Find out about the statement on the TEH website.

Download the Artistic Statement: 

The Cultural Transformation Movement Project is funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.