IZOLYATSIA announces the popular vote for the project of an art intervention at the former site of the Lenin monument in Kyiv. Four projects have been shortlisted by the international jury and are now subjected to a general vote. The popular vote is over. The results will be announced shortly.


Afterall De Pedestal (Italy)

The project foresees an installation consisting of an unrefined wooden grid/cage which perfectly inscribes the pedestal of the former Lenin monument, on a scale 2:1. The installation will be placed horizontally and should be placed in the avenue next to the original pedestal. The marble pedestal gives then way to the lightness and precariousness of the raw wood, the verticality is torn down to become an horizontal wreck which lies on the ground. The full becomes empty, the male assertion becomes female reception. The pedestal is a symbol of reliability, strength and belief, adjectives on which our project wants to discuss, modulating its meanings, accepting the shades of meaning in view of a shared identity.

Milena Vučković I Need a Hero (Serbia)

Site-specific installation consists of one powerful Searchlight placed on emptied postament. It is active whole day, but fully noticeable and appreciated during dark of night, between sunset and sunrise. Searchlight shines and rotates its head around, lighting streets around, trees behind, facades and everything it can reach in search for Future Hero. It emphasises lack of plain and clear solutions, and need to see things in different light.

Isa Carillo Ritual of Self-Nature (Mexico)

The project consists of two parts. On the one hand, the idea is to cover with rosemary the empty Lenin’s pedestal during the days that the installation lasts. On the other hand, the artist intends to execute a meditation practice in which the attention will be focused on the breathing, a practice known in Sanskrit as shamata.

The plant of rosemary will function metaphorically as an antidepressant, a healer of blows and wounds, stimulant for circulation, concentration and memory, in other words it will do a therapeutic labour. The other part of the project will consists of open meditation sessions that will be carried out several times a week for 45 minutes. At the end of the project, the plants will be given away to passers-by who wish to adopt them.

Mykyta Shalennyi Heroes Do Not Exist (Ukraine)

From both sides of the pedestal, two rows of shelves will be placed for storing books, like in a library. Before these rows, two troughs with coal, lime or chalk will be put. Every citizen can put a board of plasterboard on the shelves for storing books and write something on it with coal or chalk.

Using the chalk, the visitors can record something they would like to get rid of or they would like to forget. Using the coal, people can write something that they do not want to lose.

The winning project will be carried out in Kyiv on May 3-17, 2017.

Popular vote for the finalists’ projects