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The project Soviet Mosaics in Ukraine by IZOLYATSIA rescues Ukraine’s monumental decorative heritage from destruction.

Please inform us about the mosaics in your city facing the threat of destruction (due to the building’s demolition or other reasons). With the help of professional restorers, the all-Ukrainian project Soviet Mosaics in Ukraine will rescue the endangered monumental decorative art pieces to preserve and exhibit them in the future.  

Mosaic by Oleksandr Sadovsky decorating a summer stage, Kazka park, Sumy, Destroyed by the municipal authorities in 2016. Photo:

The works of Soviet monumental decorative art of the second half of the 20th century adorn many buildings around Ukraine currently reaching their expiration date. The decisions to tear down such buildings are often taken and put into action very quickly. In fact, so quickly that the specialists of the Soviet Mosaics in Ukraine platform do not always have time to remove, relocate and preserve the mosaics (as in the case of Sumy’s mosaic by Oleksandr Sadovsky in Kazka park). Nevertheless, IZOLYATSIA’s crew have managed to rescue many mosaics facing imminent destruction, like the one at the crossing of vul. Bohdanivska and Sportyvna in Kyiv (see the photo below).

Ceramic panel at the crossing of vul. Bohdanivska and Sportyvna, Kyiv. Unknown author. Dismantled in May 2017, rescued by IZOLYATSIA’s team. Photo: Andriy Hryshchuk, Oleksandrk Shulgin.

The ultimate goal for IZOLYATSIA is to exhibit the rescued artworks around Ukraine and create a museum of monumental art in Mariupol. We are convinced that any Ukrainian mosaic of the Soviet period is a unique visual document of its time and has a historical and cultural value. We believe that the way we treat these works of art, regardless of their past aesthetic and ideological messages, characterises our ability to care for our shared future and move ahead.  

Help us save the Ukrainian mosaic and preserve it for the future! If you know of a mosaic in your city, village, on your street or building, facing a threat of destruction, removal, or careless reparation, please contact us via our Facebook page or other communication channels you will find at the Soviet Mosaics in Ukraine official website.   


SOVIET MOSAICS IN UKRAINE is an all-Ukrainian project by IZOLYATSIA aimed at collecting and exploring, preserving and popularising the mosaics of the Soviet period in Ukraine, given their artistic value as well as their uniqueness as a cultural resource for education and tourism.

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