Ukraine is under siege following a full-scale military invasion by Russia on 24 February 2022



1 March 2015—31 December 2018

SOVIET MOSAICS IN UKRAINE  - IZOLIYASIYA project fund dedicated to study and catalogue mosaics of the Soviet period in Ukraine: their location, status, and history of the authors.

Monumental decorative mosaics are particularly important milestone of the Ukrainian culture, which includes examples of Soviet modernism -Unique artworks. In the mid-twentieth century, in the era of total control and art censorship, artists could not afford themselves free their creativity in academic works, so often have been implementing it in works of decorative art. Today, we have great possibility implemented in unbiased perception of ideological mosaic components to make an objective assessment of mosaic’s artistic uniqueness. In addition, importance of preserving the Soviet cultural heritage is an evidence of the civilized society, the main value of which is attentive treatment with cultural and historical layers.

SOVIET MOSAICS IN UKRAINE  - a database of all mosaics, based on the territory of Ukraine, which contains standardized information about each product: photo, title, author, description of the work. The site includes an interactive map with data and geolocation of each mosaic. The “Authors” includes section with biographies muralists. Section “Texts” contains a virtual library with scientific and journalistic articles, films and documents that are available for further explorations in history of monumental art of the Soviet period.

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