Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

Results of the open call Once upon a queer

We are happy to announce the results of the open call!

The following candidates were selected:

  • Liliana Zeic
  • Daniela Weiss 
  • Marta Nawrot and Jagoda Wójtowicz
  • Szymon Adamczak
  • Sarmen Beglarian and Tomasz Fudala,
  • Daniil Galkin 
  • Fyodor Khorkov
  • Anton Karyuk
  • Anton Shebetko
  • AntiGonna

This project will be implemented through January-May, 2022.

We remind you, every selected participant will have the possibility to prepare a video on the topics of queer history, gender identity, rights LGBTQ+ within society. Videos will be presented as an online series on the media platforms in Ukraine and Poland. They will be archived on the website of the project later on. 

About the organizers of the project:

IZOLYATSIA is a non-profit, non-governmental platform for cultural initiatives, founded in 2010. Its mission is to effect systemic change in Ukrainian society through the agency of cultural projects. 

Galeria Labirynt is a modern municipal cultural institution focused on art. The mission of the gallery is to follow the pulse of modern art, to notice its most interesting phenomena, and to discover important contexts.

About the project’s partners:

The Queer Archives Institute is a non-profit artist-run organisation dedicated to research, collection, digitalisation, presentation, exhibition, analysis and artistic interpretation of queer archives, with special focus on Central and Eastern Europe.

Once upon a queer is supported by the European Union and Goethe-Institut under the House of Europe programme.