Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

«In the clouds of colored smoke
One day children saw
a wonderful life and eternal holiday
of best professions in the world»


The creation of murals on the territory of the "TAR ALLIANCE" company, Gorlovka, became the first work made in the frame of the new “IZOLYATSIA in the city space” project. Participants of the project created two compositions - “Where do clouds come from” and “We make clouds for the World” - the collection of children\'s fantasies about the form and nature of clouds.

Variations on the theme of clouds were born in a natural way - the company\'s plant with many pipes and constructions attracts of an uninitiated viewer by clouds of snow-white steam coming out of the large pipe, and on the cloudy sky background it seems like all clouds in the sky flew out exactly from this pipe.  And just think, if the plant delays the production of clouds for some reason, people will feel it even on the other side of the world waiting in vain for the appearance of at least one cloud on the horizon. 

The basis of the "Where do clouds come from" composition is formed by children’s typical representations of their native city (such as poplars, slagheaps, factories, mines, broken roads) and local attractions of interest - such as the "Gorlovka Sea" or the Institute of Foreign Languages (in common - “IN-YAZ "). As a result, we see joyful miners and representatives of "bright" professions   ̶  repairmen in bright vests and policemen seeking each other in the dance impulse. We see seagulls circling above them and below them a carpet of unprecedented flowers striking us with bright colors against the dawn. This is the hope that the city which name has the "supreme" and "heavenly" meaning is going through its period of rise and dawn.

"Sometimes the inspiration for creativity can be found in the most familiar things, it is hidden in plain sight," - said the project leader Roman Minin. "Our murals are just the beginning of the new IZOLYATSIA project, beginning of a journey to the boundless expanses of our mentality, full of artistic adventures, discoveries of meanings and signs of destiny which can be understood immediately or later. Join us!”


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