Ukraine is under siege following a full-scale military invasion by Russia on 24 February 2022

This year again IZOLYATSIA decided to draw artists' attention to the snow, as a possible material or, at least, the background of creative activity.

Two years ago, under the guidance of APL315, the street art artist from Odessa, IZOLYATSIA has presented the project "Footprints on Snow" for the first time. A huge rainbow dotted with many traces - the trajectory of the artist\'s creative process - was created on a slope of a slagheap near IZOLYATSIA. This was the first attempt to draw over the winter, right on ice and snow drifts.

A natural consequence of this project was the contest of artistic ideas "Footprints on snow - urban oases", which has resulted in the idea of Konstantin Martsenkovskiy. He offered to cover the snowy slagheap with a colorful carpet.

Last year our realization of this idea had to be postponed due to unsuitable weather conditions but now we hope that we would be lucky to start our preparations for the project. Please follow IZOLYATSIA on Facebook and Vkontakte to be the first and get to know all the news of the project

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