Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

Footprints on Snow

20 January 2011 — 1 February 2013

A winter has come. All is white. Snow around seems eternal, but also it is an extremely unstable and ephemeral material. Soon it will disappear itself as well as all traces being left on it intentionally or accidentally.

In the urban environment the snow looks like a kind of oasis in the middle of unsteady urban landscapes. It's a mirage risking to be melted in the vapor of scurrying cars and prints of citizens' heavy boots. Only a few segments of the untouched snow will rise above the bustle of the metropolis. They are city mirages of transient naturalness and fragile peace. The most observant passer-by can only see the beauty of these places and stop for a moment to admire their fleeting loveliness.

IZOLYATSIA invites such passers-by to save the fragility and beauty of the elusive urban oases in the art project Footprints on Snow. What have we seen so rarely in our urban environment that looks like a mirage? What does risk to slip away, melt away, disappear... from one gaze or too close approach? What does man strive and stretch gasping some air in response?  What is the aesthetics of such fragility and brittleness?

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