Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

Documentary Concentration Camp IZOLYATSIA

A documentary film IZOLYATSIA Concentration Camp by journalist Sergei Ivanov was premiered on June 9 during the marking of IZOLYATSIA Day. The film is now accessible for free via the link.


The cultural center of modern art in Donetsk has been turned into a prison after area’s seizure by so-called DPR’s armed forces. Exhibitions have been replaced with tortures, perfomance art—with manslaughter, spectators—with militants. In fact, this prison has become the only concentration camp since the Second World War, which is expressed in full compliance with Nazi standards of torture by those who call themselves fighters against fascism.

Dmytro Potekhin, Halyna Gaieva and Valentyna Buchok spoke about the imprisonment.  IZONE art director Andrei Gorokhov, designer Maryna Samokhina, director of the foundation Oksana Sarzhevska-Kravchenko and artist Hamlet Zinkovskyi spoke the seizure of the institution and its further development.