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Closing events of the exhibition Five Pieces on a Background

On December 10, 2016, IZOLYATSIA presents the final events of the exhibition Five Pieces on a Background. At 2 PM, Anna Ptak, Project Curator, will make a guided tour of the exhibition, while at 4 PM, Grupa Budapeszt will perform their Enthusiasm live.

The art collective Grupa Budapeszt (Igor Krenz, Michał Libera, and Daniel Muzyczuk) will present a lecture/performance, which will be a 30-minute long exposition of the basis of statistical cinema Dziga Vertov was calling for. The artists will push their remake of Vertov’s film out of frames and ramify it by performing scientific footnotes live. They will focus on explaining why 21st century needs new version of Enthusiasm, why the new version needs to be a 3D print, and what strategies they used in denoising the original masterpiece. The lecture/performance will be preceded by an introduction on Dziga Vertov’s methodology by Anna Onufrienko, film critic of the National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Film Centre.

The curated tour and performance will take place at 8 Naberezhno-Luhova Street, Second Floor.

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