Russian illegal prison on IZOLYATSIA premises has been operational for 10 years.

On October 13th IZOLYATSIA has opened an exhibition of contemporary video art Videonale-Donetsk, organized in conjunction with Videonale, the oldest European biennale of video art.

Visitors of this exhibition can see several works of the 13th festival competition program, which brought together 1,176 participants from 76 countries. 

Herewith a viewer is free to choose any video for detailed view – IZOLYATSIA followed an exhibition strategy of Videonale and offered not simple video screenings, but special installations to introduce videos as art objects located in a precisely designed art space. 

Moving between these objects, each spectator will find something of their own – a story of a virtual reality of imaginary relationships we often invent without having the courage to open eyes; a graphic illustration of the minimum distance which is necessary to see and understand our loved ones or a story about polarity of the human memory, constantly balancing between two extremes - the need to remember and the need to forget.


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